The Prince Consort Contrabandista (1986)

Sancho the LionSimon Boothroyd
Jose the WolfRichard Bourjo
Inez di RoxhasNorma Kinnear
RitaMary Timmons
VasquezAlan Borthwick
Mr. GriggDavid Craig
OfficerIan Lawson

Chorus of the Edinburgh
Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Alan Borthwick and David Lyle, directors

The Prince Consort Orchestra
David Lyle, conductor

Sounds on CD VGS 204
Sounds on CD VGS 204

J. Donald Smith provided the following review:

It is amazing what a decent recording can do for a poor work. This tape, made privately for memebers of the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society, shows that there was a freshness in Sullivan's early work which was generally lost when The Contrabandista was resurrected as The Chieftain. Even Burnand's generally turgid lyrics come to life here; mercifully, the recording omits the dialogue (which nothing could help.) The performers are generally decent and comprehensible, but the contralto (Inez) lacks the power to convey the depth of the character. A very pleasant 1-hour listen.

In 1999, Chris Webster's Sounds on CD re-issued this recording on CD, coupled with a Prince Consort recording of The Chieftain. Most of the reviews that I have received of the CD make reference to both operas, so I have put these on a separate page.

Issue History
1986 Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Cassette [no number] Private issue, no longer available
1999 Sounds on CD CD VGS 204 Also includes The Chieftain