G&S Discography Revision History

February 25 — June 9, 1996

Version 4.2 — June 9, 1996 (192 pages)
  • Added the Michael Sammes Singers Mikado and Yeomen (but I have no detailed information about these recordings, except for the list of singers).
  • Numerous corrections to the dating and catalog numbers of the Sargent "Glyndebourne" recordings:
    • The date of the Gondoliers was erroneously given as 1959. It should be 1957, making it the second entry in the series, not the fifth. (Dan Kravetz points out that Gondoliers must have come earlier in the series, because it was one of the three operas in which Geraint Evans sang the patter baritone part before he was replaced by George Baker.)
    • Pirates came before Trial, not after.
    • The digital re-masterings of Pinafore, Gondoliers and Pirates were misdated.
  • Added the catalog number of the 1963 monaural issue of the Reader's Digest series.
Version 4.1 — June 2, 1996 (190 pages)
  • Added the 1966 BBC broadcasts of Pirates and BBC Patience.
  • Added a detailed list of selections to the World Record Club Gondoliers and the World Record Club Pirates. Thanks to J. Donald Smith and one other correspondent who didn't sign his email. Also added ratings for the three World Record Club recordings.
  • Corrected the statement that the Readers Digest higlights discs were made after 1967; in fact, as was correctly stated elsewhere, they were made in 1963. (Thanks to Alwyn Lewis.)
  • J. Donald Smith reports that the 1929 Iolanthe is back in print--a one-disc re-issue on Intersound that makes numerous cuts. "Not worthwhile," says Don, "except that it's the only one now in print."
  • Added some comments on Peter Dawson to the page on the 1929 Pirates. Unfortunately, the email in which I received these comments was unsigned, so I cannot give credit where it is due.
  • Added comments on the Pearl and Arabesque transfers of the 1926 Mikado—from the same anonymous source.
  • Added some comments on the Hot Mikado from a Savoynet thread a few months back.
  • Corrected the date of the Everest re-issue of the Allegro-Royale Mikado. Also, this issue is not excerpts, as previously stated, but the complete recording; they managed to fit the whole thing on a single disc. Also, added another re-issue of this recording, with a different overture. (Thanks to J. Donald Smith.)
  • Clarified casting details on the Al Goodman Mikado. (Thanks to Dave Kehs).
Version 4.0a — May 28, 1996 (188 pages)
Version 4.0 — May 27, 1996 (188 pages)
  • Added a 1994 recording of Pirates from Australia. Thanks to Donald J. Gregory.
  • Put a new logo at the top of all the pages.
  • Restructured the home page, eliminating the use of frames. Added "key subject" tabs at the left margin, instead.
  • Restructured the artist index, adding "index tabs" along the left-hand margin for easier traversal.
  • Changed the extension of all files in the discography from ".html" to ".htm" (for compatibility with the PC where the source files originate).
Version 3.1b — March 8, 1996 (189 pages)
Version 3.1a — March 4, 1996 (189 pages)
Version 3.1 — March 3, 1996 (189 pages)
  • Added a German recording, Der Mikado, and the Mount Oread Grand Duke, recorded at the 1970 Kansas Conference. Thanks to J. Donald Smith for details and reviews of these recordings.
  • Added the 1966 BBC broadcasts of Princess Ida, The Mikado, Utopia, Limited and The Grand Duke. Though these have never been released commercially, many fans have recordings taken off the air, and they are famous for the quality of the casts and for including complete dialogue. Look for other entries in this series to appear here shortly.
  • Added reviews of the Washington Lyric Theater Company Grand Duke and the Los Angeles Savoy-Artes Utopia from J. Donald Smith.
  • Added missing catalog numbers for the G&S For All recordings. The dating for these recordings is a bit of a jumble, and I'd be indebted to anyone who can clear it up. Thanks to J. Donald Smith for the latest info.
  • Added the 1950 Mikado cassette re-issue on Price-Less. Re-dated all the Price-Less re-issues from 1960s to 1980s. (I don't think the cassette format even existed in the 1960s, so the earlier dating can't have been right.) Thanks to Phil Sternenberg.
  • Added the 1969 release of highlights from the 1930 Pinafore on MFP. (Thanks to Stefan Pilczek.)
Version 3.0 — February 25, 1996 (183 pages)
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