G&S Discography Revision History

June 16 — October 12, 1996

Version 5.4 — October 12, 1996 (218 pages)
Version 5.3 — July 12, 1996 (215 pages)
Version 5.2a — July 7, 1996 (209 pages)
Version 5.2 — July 3, 1996 (209 pages)
  • Added a 1972 recording of Thespis (Rare Recorded Editions, Fulham Light Operatic Society).
Version 5.1 — June 23, 1996 (207 pages)
Version 5.0 — June 16, 1996 (198 pages)
  • Added two recordings of Sullivan's Ivanhoe. Look for more of the "G without S" and "S without G" operas in the next week or two.
  • Started adding references to highlights discs taken from complete recordings. There are too many of these to list here, but look at the issue history sections under the Green Mikado or the 1968 Pirates for examples.
  • Added a United Artists Mikado, "the worst G&S recording ever made," according to J. Donald Smith.
  • Added a BBC broadcast of Princess Ida from the 1980s conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras. Thanks to Andrew Cooper.
  • Added a Pirates with Martyn Green, apparently made shortly after he left D'Oyly Carte in the 1950s. Thanks to J. Donald Smith. (I've since learned that in fact this Pirates does not have Green in it, despite the credits on the record jacket.)
  • Added a cassette re-issue of the Al Goodman Pinafore. Added a critique of that recording couresty of Mitchell Orman.
  • Changed the dating of the Al Goodman recordings from "1950s" to 1958. Changed the rating of these recordings from "not rated" to "1 star".
  • Changed the assignment of the Usher's role in the Mackerras Trial from "unknown" to Eric Garrett.
  • Fixed the link to Yahoo's Gilbert and Sullivan page.
  • Continued corrections to the dating, ordering and numbering of the Sargent recordings. Added a note that, in the Sargent Mikado, the "n-----" word is retained in Ko-Ko's song, even though it is altered in the Mikado's song.
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