G&S Discography Revision History

February 9 — March 15, 1997

Version 9.1 — March 15, 1997 (331 pages)
Version 9.0 — March 4, 1997 (327 pages)
  • Changed the background gif on the home page and artist index pages.
  • The artist index has been reorganized, with the main and detailed sections merged into one consolidated index. The index is also spread over more pages, to reduce download times for any given page.
  • The site is now rated with the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC). Parents can now rest easy that this site contains no sex, nudity, violence, or strong language or any kind.
  • META tags have been added to each page. Though invisible to the reader, these will improve how the site is indexed by search engines.
  • Validated all pages with Spyglass's HTML Validator, and fixed a number of errors that it found.
  • Changed HTML editors, jetisoning Sausage Software's HotDog and adopting Bradbury Software's HomeSite 2.5a. There's no visible difference the reader, except that some files have new names, now that we have an editor that supports long file names.
Version 8.2 — February 17, 1997 (327 pages)
Version 8.1 — February 16, 1997 (313 pages)
Version 8.0 — February 9, 1997 (301 pages)
  • Redid all of the issue format symbols, adding new symbols for 78rpm, 45rpm, film, videocassette, laserdisc and radio broadcast formats.
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