G&S Discography Revision History

July 8 — October 27, 1997

Version 11.1 — May 4, 1997 (365 pages)
  • Added a page covering the early Sullivan/Burnand collaboration The Contrabandista. There is, unfortunately, only one known recording of this opera, from the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society, and I don't have a review of it as yet. Thanks to Chris Webster for pointing out this recording.
  • Added another issue to the Mitch Miller Child's Introduction album. The issue is on A. A. Records, catalog number LP 11 a/b. Thanks to Dean Wall.
  • Added contents of the The World of G&S, Vol. 3. Thanks to Elizabeth Pugh.
  • Added contents of the Malcolm Sargent's 1961 More Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures disc. Thanks to Chris Webster. Chris also had some minor corrections to a number of other overture discs.
  • Added reel-to-reel tape issues of the 1962 Ruddigore and the 1964 Yeomen. I suspect there were other D'Oyly Carte issues on reel-to-reel tape, but these are the only ones I know about. Thanks to Bob Lang.
Version 11.0 — April 26, 1997 (364 pages)
Version 10.1 — April 12, 1997 (357 pages)
Version 10.0 — April 6, 1997 (349 pages)
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