G&S Discography Revision History

July 8 — October 27, 1997

Version 11.5 — October 27, 1997 (389 pages)
Version 11.4 — August 30, 1997 (381 pages)
  • Added a page provided by Chris Webster chronicling Decca's errors over the years in the G&S recordings it has isued.
  • Added two new items from Grant Wilson: a 1972 cassette of concerted highlights by the English Heritage Singers, and a cassette of instrumental highlights recorded by the Band of the Royal Corps of Transport.
  • Added a number of reel-to-reel issues supplied by Peter Parker:
  • Added the new EMI reissue of Charles Mackerras's 1962 recording of Pineapple Poll. (Thanks to Tom Shepard.)
  • Added Ian Bond's comments to the St. Alban's Rose of Persia. Also, added Ian's comments to the general discussion of the Prince Consort recordings.
  • Added a review of the Stratford Pirates from Katherine Belyea.
  • Added vintage recordings of Victorian and Edwardian music boxes and piano rolls from The Musical Wonder House. (Thanks to Stan DeOrsey.)
  • Stan DeOrsey found two articles on the web that discuss the history of the LP record and the tape recorder. There are links to these from the main history page. [Since deleted, as the links are no longer valid.]
  • Other updates to various issue histories are too numerous to list individually.
Version 11.3 — July 12, 1997 (381 pages)
Version 11.2 — July 8, 1997 (378 pages)
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