G&S Discography Revision History

December 24, 1997 - February 9, 1998

Version 12.22 — February 9, 1998 (418 pages)
Version 12.21 — February 3, 1998 (418 pages)
  • Fixed a number of typos and other errors from yesterday's update. (Thanks to J. Donald Smith and Bruce Miller.)
  • Added some additional comments from Bruce Miller to the Russell Hunting Company Pinafore.
Version 12.2 — February 2, 1998 (418 pages)
Version 12.1 — January 15, 1998 (414 pages)
Version 12.03 — January 9, 1998 (414 pages)
  • Modified all pages with the blue border at the left so that they will display properly on 640 x 480 monitors.
  • Expanded the early issue history of the Groucho Marx Mikado. Thanks to Bruce Miller and Tom Shepard.
  • Added http://www.amazon.com/ to the video sources page and recordings sources page [pages discontinued]. Everyone thinks of them as a bookstore, but they have a decent selection of audios and videos, too.
Version 12.02 — January 6, 1998 (414 pages)
This is another primarily fix-up release. Thanks to Stan DeOrsey, Bob Lang, Bruce Miller, and J. Donald Smith for pointing out my too-numerous mistakes. Other changes are as follows:
Version 12.01 — December 30, 1997 (413 pages)
  • This is mainly a fix-up release to correct a number of typos and broken links. Thanks to Stan DeOrsey, Marc Kenig, and Chris Webster for catching my errors.
  • In addition, Chris Webster found a number of instances of alternate takes that were included in some copies of the vintage D'Oyly Carte sets. See, in particular, the 1917 Mikado, 1919 Gondoliers, 1920 Yeomen, 1921 Patience, and 1931 Yeomen.
  • I've added some additional background to the Essgee Pirates.
  • It is also worth noting that some recordings have been redated. Two years ago, when I launched the site, I decided to date recordings based on when they were first publication. I have since concluded that the date of recording, where known, is more useful. The following recordings are affected:
Version 12.0 — December 24, 1997 (413 pages)
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