G&S Discography Revision History

March 7, 1998 — Present

Version 13.5 — July 7, 1998 (436 pages)
Verison 13.41 — June 11, 1998 (434 pages)
Version 13.4 — June 10, 1998 (434 pages)
Version 13.3 — June 1, 1998 (432 pages)
Version 13.2 — May 28, 1998 (431 pages)
Version 13.13 — May 18, 1998 (429 pages)
  • Chris Webster has discovered that items I had previously listed separately — "Gilbert & Sullivan For Orchestra" (conductor: "Eric Johnson") and "The Best Loved Melodies of Gilbert and Sullivan" (conductor: Malcolm Hughes) — are in fact the same item. The listings have been consolidated, and I've added Chris's guess about why this came about.
  • Updated my review of the Opera Australia Patience, now that I've seen the video.
  • Added Chuck Mathias's comments to the 1939 Mikado film.
Version 13.12 — May 14, 1998 (428 pages)
  • Made additional corrections to the 1921 Patience, thanks to Chris Webster.
  • Added a discussion of sides conducted by Harry Norris vs. George W. Byng on the 1922 HMV Iolanthe. Thanks to James Tappin and Chris Webster.
  • Added a discussion of Leonard Osborn, from a recent Savoynet thread, to the 1950 D'Oyly Carte Ruddigore. Thanks to Michael Rice, Chris Webster, Tom Shepard, and Michael Walters.
Version 13.11 — May 13, 1998 (428 pages)
  • Added additional comments from Bruce Miller to the 1955 Ida. Also, added Don Smith's comments to Michael Walters's review of this recording.
  • Made several additions and corrections to the 1921 Patience, thanks to Michael Walters and Chris Webster.
  • Don Smith clued me into what's really going on in the video of Der Mikado.
  • Corrected various typos, thanks to Bruce Miller and Don Smith.
Version 13.1 — May 12, 1998 (428 pages)
  • Added a section on the Essgee Videos of Pirates, Mikado and Pinafore. The review of Mikado has been added, and those of Pirates and Pinafore greatly expanded. Also, incorporated additional comments from Eleanor Dugan, Jon English (who appears in these videos), and Frank Shann.
  • Added a comprehensive historical overview of Ida recordings through the years, by Michael Walters.
  • Added my own review of Der Mikado.
  • Added significant new information to the acoustical Patience. (Thanks to Chris Webster and Michael Walters.)
  • Added Daryll Winston's and Eleanor Dugan's comments to the Nelson Eddy page.
  • Added Michael Walters's comments to the The Pearl/Lyric Theater Company Utopia.
  • Added Bruce Miller's comments to the 1974 Iolanthe.
  • Other miscellaneous corrections: Thanks to Lisa Berglund, Eleanor Dugan, Paul Grist, Bob Lang, Bruce Miller, Frank Shann, and James Tappin.
Version 13.01 — March 8, 1998 (421 pages)
  • Added the ca. 1969 issue of highlights from the 1936 Mikado on the EMI Music For Pleasure label. (Thanks to James Tappin.)
Version 13.0 — March 7, 1998 (421 pages)
  • All of the recordings pages for Cox and Box have been slightly reformatted to take advantage of style sheets, and generally to improve readability. Some of the improvements will be visible on all browsers, while others require a style-sheet-capable browser. I shall eventually reformat all the other pages this way, unless readers report problems.
  • Added considerably to the recording details of the 1920 Pirates. Now included are:
    • A detailed description of the contents of each side
    • Who is singing on each side, including (for many of numbers) the chorus
    • A Recording Sessions table, which shows the order of the recorded takes, including rejected takes.
    Chris Webster assembled most of this information, with an assist from the researches of Michael Walters and Brian Rust.
  • Added the Essgee Pinafore, with a detailed review by Frank Shann.
  • Added the 1931 Victor / Civic Light Opera Pirates. (Thanks to Bruce Miller.)
  • Added a considerably improved explanation of the slide automatic side coupling system. (Thanks to Bruce Miller.)
  • Added Bruce Miller's comments on Russell Hunting to the Russell Hunting Company Pinafore.
  • Added scanned album covers to El Mikado and the Allegro-Royale Mikado.
  • Add Richard Simonton's comments to The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan and The Return of Gilbert and Sullivan.
  • Thanks to Chris Webster for the following:
  • Added the reel-to-reel tape issues of the 1976 D'Oyly Carte Grand Duke and the 1961 Patience. (Thanks to Bob Lang.) There is also now an icon for reel-to-reel, which you'll see on the summary pages for Grand Duke, Patience, or any other opera with recordings that were issued in that format.
  • Added the cassette issue of the San Francisco Lamplighters' A Song To Sing, O! (Thanks to Bob Lang.)
  • Added the circa 1953 Philips U.K. issue of the Anna Russell album. (Thanks to Peter Parker.)
  • Added the release of Papp's Pirates on CD. (Thanks to Mark Mones.)
  • Added the Decca catalog number for the 1977 Gondoliers. (Thanks to James Tappin.)
  • Added the name of the actor who played the Notary on the Brent Walker Sorcerer. (Thanks to Geoff Dixon.)
  • Added the catalog number of Anna Russel's First Farewell Special. (Thanks to John Taylor.)
  • The acoustical Ida has been re-dated from 1925 to 1924. Only one side was recorded in 1925, and that was clearly a re-take, so 1924 is the more accurate date.
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