G&S Discography Revision History

May 23, 2000 — Present

Version 19.13 — December 2, 2000 (551 pages)
  • Robert Morrison has provided background on the 1934 G&S parody, "Perseverance." (Chris Webster will be issuing it on CD next year.)
  • Robert Morrison has provided several photographs pertaining to Henry Lytton's post-D'Oyly Carte career, which he in turn obtained from Chris Webster.
Version 19.12 — November 28, 2000 (549 pages)
Version 19.11 — November 27, 2000 (549 pages)
Version 19.10 — November 26, 2000 (549 pages)
  • The discussion of the Brent Walker Yeomen has been considerably expanded.
  • Robert Morrison has made a number of contributions, including:
    • A background article on the J. C. Williamson Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company.
    • An article on Sydney Granville's 1926 Australasian tour.
    • A series of articles on Sir Henry Lytton's stage farewell.
    • An article on the 1930 Mikado broadcast.
    • Biographical details on several of the artists in the 1922 HMV Pinafore, especially James Hay and Frederick Ranalow.
    • A discussion of Gregory Stroud, who played Pish-Tush in the 1939 Mikado film.
    • Comments on the inclusion of "Come, mighty must" in the 1924 HMV Ida.
    • Catalogue numbers for the Australian World Record Club releases of many recordings from the Sargent and D'Oyly Carte stereo series.
    • Clemence Bettany's comments on the G&S television broadcasts and films the D'Oyly Carte made in the 1960s, from the 1975 centenary souvenir booklet.
  • Added the release details of the Walker videos on the Roadshow label in Australia. (Thanks to Mel Moratti and Robert Morrison.)
  • Added the following album scans (credits in parentheses):
Version 19.00 — November 22, 2000 (545 pages)
Version 18.00 — May 23, 2000 (535 pages)
  • A search capability has been added, in partnership with Searchbutton.com. A search box appears on the bottom of every page (except on the home page, where it is more prominently displayed).
  • George Low has provided a number of correstions to the discussions of the early HMV acoustical recordings. See, in particular, his comments on the 1922 Pinafore and 1924 Ida.
  • The Recording Details for the 1920 Yeomen have been expanded, and a Recording Sessions table added.
  • Jeff Trim has contributed a superb review of the 1989 BBC broadcast of Ruddigore.
  • Bruce Miller and Michael Walters have added discussion material and corrections to the 1907 Russell Hunting Company Pinafore.
  • Jamie Moffat, Ray Walker, and Chris Webster have contributed reviews of the Ohio Light Opera Ida.
  • Jamie Moffat also contributed insightful reviews of The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan and the 1939 Mikado film.
  • Michael Walters contributed the story of the discovery of the Rutland Barrington cylinder. It is posted on the Art of the Savoyard page.
  • James Tappin contributed cover scans for the 1950 Mikado (Ace of Clubs re-issue) and the 1955 Ida (original Decca issue).
  • Bruce Miller contributed a cover scan for the 1953 Victor re-issue of the 1936 Mikado.
  • Bruce Miller contributed a program scan for the Civic Light Opera Company's Mikado (Boston, 1931).
  • Bruce Miller contributed an album cover scan for the 1953 RCA Victor re-issue of the 1930 Pinafore coupled with the 1927 Trial by Jury.
  • Christopher Dixon has contributed some comments on the D'Oyly Carte 1949-55 monaural series.
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