Recordings of Cox and Box

Cox and Box has been recorded surprisingly often. The commercial recordings by D'Oyly Carte (1961 and 1978) and the one by Gilbert & Sullivan For All are both of the abridged "Savoy Version" that D'Oyly Carte used as a curtain raiser. The three most recent recordings are of the original, hour-long version. All the recordings include dialogue, except for the Chandos recording, which substitutes a narration.

NR 1929 BBC Broadcast Dial Radio
**** 1961 D'Oyly Carte Ster Dial LPCassCD
NR 1972 G&S For All Ster Dial LPCassCD
** 1978 D'Oyly Carte Ster Dial LPCassCD
***** 1982 Brent Walker Productions Video TV VCass
**** 1984 S.A.S.S./Divine Art Ster Dial CassCD
** 1994 C&B Productions Dig Dial CD
*** 2004 Chandos Dig Narr CD