Discography of Sir Arthur Sullivan:
Services, Anthems, etc.

This page lists music by Sir Arthur Sullivan intended primarily for church settings. Those that have been recorded are followed by the [REC] symbol. See the CD, The Church Music of Sir Arthur Sullivan.

Music and MIDI files for most of the anthems are available in the G&S Archive.

Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie, in D major (1866; pub. 1866, 1872) [REC]
"By the waters of Babylon" (ca. 1850, unpub.)
"Sing unto the Lord" (188, unpub.)
Psalm 103 (1856, unpub.)
"We have heard with our ears" (ca. 1860, pub. 1865) [REC]
"O love the Lord: (pub. 1864) [REC]
"O God, thou art worthy" (1867, pub. 1871) [REC]
"O taste and see" (pub. 1867) [REC]
"I will lay me down in peace" (1868, pub. 1910)
"Rejoice in the Lord" (pub. 1869)
"Sing, O heavens" (pub. 1869) [REC]
"I will worship" (pub. 1871)
"Thou, O Lord, art our father" (1874)
"I will mention thy loving-kindness" (pub. 1875)
"I will sing of thy power" (pub. 1877)
"Hearken unto me" (pub. 1877)
"Turn thy face" (pub. 1878)
"Who is like unto thee? (pub. 1883) [REC]
Adaptations of Russian church music
"Turn thee again" (pub. 1874)
"Mercy and truty" (pub. 1874)
Anglican chant for Psalm 150 (MS., no date)