Discography of Sir Arthur Sullivan:
Index of Songs, Duets, etc.

Sullivan wrote more songs than any other genre. The list below, which is alphabetical by song title, includes solo songs, vocal duets, and trios. It includes songs contributed to plays, and songs from operas that were not themselves published (Thespis and The Sapphire Necklace). It does not include songs from larger works that were published, such as the thirteen extant G&S operas.

After the name of each song, the lyricist's name is given in parentheses, followed by the publisher and publication date. The designation REC indicates that the item has been recorded. Following the link for further detaiils.

Absent-minded Beggar, The REC Rudyard Kipling Daily Mail/ Enoch 1899
See also, The Absent Minded Beggar March
Answer, TheA. Tennyson See The Window
Arabian Love Song, ded. Fred Clay REC P. B. ShelleyChappell1866
At the WindowA. Tennyson See The Window
Ay de mi, My BirdGeorge Eliot See The Young Mother
Bid Me at Least Good-bye REC Sydney Grundy Chappell1894
Sung in Grundy's An Old Jew; 1st perf., Garrick Theatre, London, 6 January 1894
Birds in the NightLionel Lewin Boosey1860
New words for "Hush'd is the bacon" from Cox and Box.
Bride of the IslesHenry French   
New words for "Bride from the North"
Bride from the North  Cramer1863
Care is All Fiddle-de-deeF. C. Burnand Cramer1874
Written for Burnand's The Miller and his Man
Chorister, The REC F. E. WeatherleyMetzler1873
Same music as "The First Departure." See The Young Mother
Christmas Bells at SeaC. L. Kenney Novello1875
Coming HomeR. Reece Boosey1873
Duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano. New words for "The buttercup dwells" from Cox and Box
County Guy, ded. Lady Alexina Duff REC Walter ScottAshdown1867
Cradle Song ("The Days are Cold")D. Wordsworth See The Young Mother
Distant Shore, The REC W. S. GilbertChappell1874
Dove Song REC W. BroughBoosey1869
Dream, my love, dreamClarance Austin New words for "Sleep, my love, sleep"
E tu nol saiG. Mazzucato Chappell1889
Sung in A. W. Pinero's The Profligate, 1st. perf. Garrick Theatre, London, 24 April 1889. See also English version, "You Sleep" (B. C. Stephenson)
Edward Grey REC A. TennysonLucas, Weber1880
EverMrs. Bloomfield Moore Chappell1887
First DepartureRev. E. Monro   
See The Young Mother. Same music as "The Chorister".
From East to Western Ind [sic] Same as "Rosalind"
Give, ded. Mrs. T. HelmoreA. Proctor Cramer1872
Golden Days, ded. Madam Patey REC Lionel H. LewinBoosey1872
Gone! REC A. Tennyson See The Window
Guinevere, ded. Therese Titiens REC Lionel H. Lewin Cramer1872
I Heard the Nightingale. ded. Capt. C. J. Ottley REC Rev. C. H. Townsend Chappell1863
I Want to Proclaim it Aloud English name of "Ich möchte hinaus es jauchzen"
I Wish to Tune my Quiv'ring LyreAnacreon, trans. Lord Byron Boosey1868
Orig. with orch. accomp., according to Grove I
I Would I Were a King, ded. Prince Leopold REC V. Hugo, trans. A. Cockburn Boosey1878
Ich möchte hinaus es jauchzen, ded. Rosamund Barnett REC A. Corrodi compl, 1859
Reproduced in Baily's The Gilbert and Sullivan Book
If Doughty Deeds, ded. Mrs. Scott Russell REC Robert GrahamChappell1866
In the Summers Long AgoAnon. Metzler1867
Same music as "My Love Beyond the Sea"
In the Twilight of our LoveHugh Conway Chappell1881
Same music as "Silvered is the Raven Hair" from Patience
Let Me Dream Again, ded. Mme C. Nilsson REC B. C. Stephenson Boosey1875
Letter, TheA. Tennyson See The Window
Lied mit Thränen halbgeschriebenEichendorff compl. March 1861
Manuscript in Pierpont Morgan Library
Life that Lives for You, A REC Lionel H. LewinBoosey1870
Little Darling, Sleep Again REC anon.Metzler1876
New title for "Cradle Song." See The Young Mother
Little Maid of Arcadee; from ThespisW. S. Gilbert Cramer1872
Living Poems, ded. Edith WynneH. W. Longfellow Boosey1874
Longing for HomeJean Ingelow Novello1904
Looking Back, ded. Mme TrebelliLouisa Gray Boosey1870
Looking ForwardLouisa Gray Boosey1873
Lost Chord, The REC Adelaide A. ProcterBoosey1877
Love Laid his Sleepless Head, ded. Hon. Eliot Yorke REC A. C. SwinburneBoosey1875
Sung in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Gaiety Theatre, London, 19 December 1874
Love that Loves Me Not, The; ded. Mrs. D. B. Grant REC W. S. GilbertNovello1875
Maiden's Story, The; ded. Mrs Quintin Twiss Emma EmburyChappell1867
Marquis de Mincepie, The REC F. C. BurnandCramer1874
Written for Burnand's The Miller and his Man
Marriage MorningA. Tennyson See The Window
Mary Morison REC Robert BurnsBoosey1874
Moon in Silent Brightness, The REC Bishop Reginald HeberMetzler1868
Morn, Happy Morn REC W. G. Wills Metzler1878
Trio, sung in Wills's Olivia, 1st perf., Court Theatre, London, 30 March 1878
Mother's Dream, The; ded. Edith WynneRev. W. Barnes Boosey1874
My Child and IF. E. Weatherley Boosey1901
My Dear and Only LoveMarquis of Montrose Boosey1874
My Dearest Heart, ded. Mrs. Osgood REC   Boosey1876
My Heart is Like a Silent Lute; from Henrietta Temple Benjamin DisraeliNovello1904
My Love Beyond the Sea, ded. Hon. Mrs Swinton J. P. DouglasMetzler1877
Same music as "In the summers long ago"
Nel ciel serenRizzelli See "Venetian Serenade"
No Answer ("The mist and the rain")A. Tennyson See The Window
No Answer ("Winds are loud and you are dumb")A. Tennyson See The Window
None But I Can Say, ded. Mme Cornélie D'Ankara Lionel H. LewinBoosey1872
O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove, ded. Miss Rachel Scott Russell REC Jean IngelowAshdown1868
O Israel, ded. Mrs. C. V. Bridgeman REC Hosea 14, 1-2Novello1855
O Mistress Mine, ded. C. Santley REC ShakespeareMetzler1866
O Swallow, Swallow; from The PrincessA. Tennyson J. Church Co., Cincinnati1900
O Sweet and Fair ded. Mrs Francis ByngA.F.C.K. Boosey1868
Oh! bella miaF. Rizelli Cramer1873
Italian version of "Oh! ma Charmante"
Oh! ma Charmante, ded. Mme Conneau REC V. HugoCramer1872
Old Love Letters, ded. Mrs RonaldsS. K. Cowan Boosey1879
On the HillA. Tennyson See The Window
Once Again, ded. Sims Reeves REC Lionel H. LewinBoosey1872
Orpheus with his Lute, ded. Louisa Crampton REC ShakespeareMetzler1866
Other DaysHarry Graham published 1943
Over the Roof; from The Sapphire Necklace REC ChorleyCramer1866
River, The; in The Sunlight of SongAnon. Routledge/ Novello1875
Roads Should Blossom, The Manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library. Words unattributed. Compl. 1864 for Mary Anne Harrold's wedding
Rosalind, ded. W. H. CummingsShakespeare Metzler1866
Sad MemoriesC. J. Rowe Metzler1869
Sailor's Grave, The; ded. Mrs Bourne, Hilderstone Hall REC H. F. LyteCramer1872
St. Agnes' Eve, ded. Mrs Ronalds REC A. TennysonBoosey1879
Shadow, A; ded. Madam PateyAdelaide A. Procter Patey & Willis1886
She is not Fair to Outward View, ded. A. D. Coleridge REC Hartley ColeridgeBoosey1866
Sigh no More, Ladies, ded. Sims Reeves REC ShakespeareMetzler1866
Sisters, The REC A. Tennyson Lucas, Weber1881
Duet for female voices, in Leisure Hour
Sleep, My Love, ded. Madam PateyR. Whyte Melville Boosey1874
Snow Lies White, TheJean Ingelow Boosey1868
Sometimes REC Lady Lindsay of Balcarres Boosey1877
SpringA. Tennyson See The Window
Sweet Day, So Cool, ded. Mrs Goldschmidt REC George HerbertMetzler1864
Sweet DreamerH. B. Farnie Cramer1874
English version of "Oh! ma Charmante"
Sweethearts REC W. S. GilbertChappell1875
Published as both a solo and a duet
Tears, Idle Tears; from The Princess REC A. TennysonJ. Church Co., Cincinnati1900
Tender and True  Chappell1874
There Sits a Bird in Yonder Tree, from Ingoldsby Legends Rev. C. H. BarhamCramer1873
Thou Art Lost to Me, ded. Mrs Charles Freake REC Anon.Boosey1865
Thou Art WearyAdelaide A. Procter Chappell1874
Thou'rt Passing Hence, from The Highland Message REC Felicia HemansChappell1875
Thou wast all to me, lovePoe Unpublished
To One in Paradise REC Edgar Allen Poe Novello1904
Troubadour, The REC Walter ScottBoosey1869
Venetian Serenade — Nel ciel seren F. Rizzelli, English words by W. RainsomCramer1873
Village Chimes, TheC. J. Rowe Boosey1870
Weary Lot is Thine, Fair Maid, ded. B. Charles Stephenson Walter ScottChappell1866
We Gathered the Roses?words by Sold to Metzler 21 September 1867; unpublished
We've Ploughed Our Land; in The Sunlight of Song Anon.Routledge/ Novello1875
What Does Little Birdie Say? REC A. TennysonAshdown1867
When?A. Tennyson See The Window
When Thou Art Near REC W. J. Stewart Boosey1877
Where is another sweet as my sweet?A. Tennyson See The Window
White Plume, TheJ. P. Douglas Weippert1872
New words for "Bride from the North"
Will He Come? ded. Lady Katherine Coke Adelaide A. ProcterBoosey1865
Willow Song, The; ded. Mme Sainton-Dolby REC ShakespeareMetzler1866
The Window, or, The Songs of the Wrens REC A. TennysonStrahan1871
Cycle of eleven songs:
  1. On the Hill
  2. At the Window
  3. Gone!
  4. Winter
  5. Spring
  6. The Letter
  7. No Answer (a/k/a "The Mist and the Rain")
  8. No Answer (a/k/a "Winds Are Loud and You Are Dumb")
  9. The Answer
  10. When?
  11. Marriage Morning
Winter REC A. TennysonSee The Window
You SleepB. C. Stephenson English version of "E tu nol sai"
The Young Mother REC   Cramer1874
Three simple songs, ded. Lady Muriel Talbot:
  1. Cradle Song ("The Days are Cold") (anon.)
  2. Ay de mi, my bird (George Eliot)
  3. The First Departure (Rev. E. Monro)