G&S Discography Highlights Index

This page is the gateway to G&S highlights discs, compilations, arrangements, derivative works, etc. The listing is divided into the following categories:

Concerted Highlights Original recordings not compiled from other sources
Solo Recitals Recordings dedicated primarily to a single performer
Instrumental Arrangements Arrangements of G&S for instrumental ensembles
Overture Discs Compilations of G&S and/or Sullivan overtures
Pineapple Poll Recordings of the Mackerras ballet, Pineapple Poll
Compilations.... Assorted highlights compiled from previously-released material.
 From Vintage Recordings (ca. 1898-1936)
 From the D'Oyly Carte Sets (1949-1979)
 From the Sargent/EMI Sets
 From Other Sources

See also the listing of derivative works. For complete opera recordings, see the Opera Index. For recordings of Sullivan's non-operatic works, see the Sullivan Index.