G&S Discography Revision History

December 26, 1995 — January 22, 1996

Version 2.2 — January 22, 1996 (148 pages)
  • Added issue histories for the remaining Pinafore recordings and all of Pirates.
  • In the opera index and chronological index, changed the abbreviation signifying recordings with dialogue from Dlg to Dial so that it will be easier to distinguish from the abbreviation for "digital" (Dig).
  • Other minor corrections.
Version 2.1 — January 18, 1996 (148 pages)
  • Added issue histories and side listings for recordings of Pinafore through the 1950s.
  • Added the name of the artist playing Peep-Bo to the Bell Telephone Hour Mikado. Also, added some additional comments to this recording's web page and corrected the date from "1950s" to "1960."
  • Made catalog number corrections on the Sargent Trial, 1961 Cox & Box and 1966 Sorcerer.
  • Corrected entries in the Artist Index for Richard Walker and Richard Watson.
  • Added the name of the artist playing Fleta to the 1960 Iolanthe.
  • Corrected the role assignments for Buttercup and Hebe in the Sargent/EMI Pinafore.
  • Corrected the issue date of the Odeon Pinafore from 1908 to 1907.
  • The launch date of this site was December 26, 1995, not 1994.
  • Other miscellaneous corrections.
Version 2.0a — January 8, 1996 (148 pages)
Version 2.0 — January 7, 1996 (148 pages)
  • Added the artist index.
  • Added three new recordings: the Fulham Light Operatic Society Zoo on Rare Recorded Editions; the 1965 Lyric Theater Company Grand Duke; and the 1965 Los Angeles Savoy-Artes Utopia.
  • Started adding detailed issue histories to the individual recordings' web pages. Cox & Box, Trial By Jury, The Zoo and The Sorcerer are covered to this point, with the others to follow shortly. Numerous readers have helpfully provided catalog numbers, but I must especially single out Seth Schneider, whose incredible database of recordings is making a monumental contribution to this task.
  • Updated the 1950 Mikado to show that the role of Go-To was shared by L. Radley Flynn and Donald Harris. (Thanks to David Sommerfield for pointing this out.)
  • Added the Price-Less cassette re-issue of the 1949 Pirates.
  • Added the Pro Arte CD re-issues of the 1929 Yeomen, 1930 Pinafore and 1929 Iolanthe. David Sommerfield also pointed out some problems with the Yeomen, which are mentioned on the web page.
  • Added the Arabesque re-issue of the 1936 Mikado. Unlike the Pro Arte re-issue, the "n-----" word is not edited out.
  • Added cast information to the G&S For All Trial By Jury, which was previously missing. (David Sommerfield filled this in for me.)
  • Added cast information to the Pearl/Cheam Operatic Society Grand Duke, which was previously missing. (Seth Schneider filled this in for me.)
  • Added comments from the recent SavoyNet discussions of the 1955 Ida, 1965 Ida and ENO Mikado. The Ida ratings have been adjusted.
  • Added comments from David Sommerfield about the D'Oyly Carte monaural recordings. In particular, David pointed out a nasty splice in the 1949 Pinafore that I had not previously noticed.
  • Moved the date of the Lyric Theater Company Utopia from 1970s to 1963. (Though issued by Pearl in the 1970s, this recording had been privately issued in 1963.)
  • Added the name of the actor playing Tarara, which had been previously missing, to the Lyric Theater Company Utopia and the 1976 D'Oyly Carte Utopia.
  • Corrected the cast list for the New D'Oyly Carte Pirates, where the singers for the Pirate King and the Major-General had been reversed.
  • Changed the background from a GIF graphic to a solid color. This should eliminate 23K worth of download time, and perhaps eliminate occasional crashes that some readers have reported.
  • Eliminated the BASE attribute from all the pages, which was causing me more trouble than it was worth.
  • The title graphics are in a new font.
  • Every version from now on will have a date.
Version 1.1 — December 30, 1995 (136 pages)
Version 1.0a — December 27, 1995 (135 pages)
  • Corrected a silly mistake on the home page: the launch date of this site was the 124th anniversary of the premiere of Thespis, not the 125th.
Version 1.0 — December 26, 1995 (135 pages)
Initial release.
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