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May 12, 2001 — October 17, 2001

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  • The search capability has with regret been deleted, after the service provider stopped offering it for free.
  • Newport Classic has published a new recording of Utopia, Limited, with complete dialogue, from Ohio Light Opera.
  • Three publishers are now re-issuing the D'Oyly Carte post-war recordings from 1949-50. Of these, the transfers by Chris Webster Sounds on CD have generally received the most favorable reviews. The reissues are:
    • From Sounds on CD, the 1950 recordings of Mikado, Ruddigore, Yeomen, and Gondoliers.
    • From Pearl, the same four recordings. Pearl has taken a different approach, pairing Mikado with Yeomen, and Yeomen with Gondoliers, in 3-CD sets. Pearl's coupling (Act I of each opera on a separate disc, and both Act II's on a third disc) has come in for considerable criticism.
    • From Regis Records, a 2-CD set coupling Trial and Mikado, and a 1-CD sampler of the 1949-50 sets. Chris Webster reported that these were lively transfers, although there has been no attempt to correct some of the pitch problems and awkward joins of the original pressings.
  • Mel Moratti contributed a comparative review of the CD re-issues of the 1950 Ruddigore.
  • Chris Webster Sounds on CD has re-issued the HMV 1928 Yeomen, 1931 Ruddigore and 1932 Ida in superb transfers from the original masters sourced from EMI's Abbey Road Studios.
  • J. C. Lockwood "78s2CD" has issued: Note that Webster has had access to masters from EMI, whereas Lockwood has not.
  • Chris Webster Sounds on CD has re-issued the four Columbia abridged sets together in a two-CD set.
  • Chris Webster and J. C. Lockwood have co-issued a CD called "Where Shall I Find Another?" This CD contains all of the published alternate takes from the HMV acoustic sets. Any buyer of the nine acoustic sets from Webster and/or Lockwood will receive this CD for free, on payment of postage & packing. You will receive the free CD from the publisher from whom you bought a majority of the sets.
  • There is a controversy amongst my correspondents about whether the Columbia abridged sets were issued on 10" discs to cater to a population of record-buyers whose equipment could not play 12" discs. As I cannot now recall my source for this claim, and the experts are not in agreement, I have placed a note on the page and let the comment stand.
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